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eMarketing - Sales Channel Management

We optimise your product for selling through multiple sales channels, including Tmall, Taobao, 360buy.com, eBay and Amazon.

We provide you with a dedicated team and management resource that ensure you achieve an optimum return on investment utilising these vital sales channels.

The team structure includes:

Store Manager

          –   Strive to achieve company targets
          –   Completing risk management
          –   Store health and safety aspects are continually updated

Product staff

          –   Maintain excellent product presentation
          –   Online price matching
          –   Study other seller’s strategy


         –    Generating creative ideas and concepts in clear, persuasive and original copy
         –    Proofreading all work for spelling and grammatical errors
         –    Work including digital marketing, product description, etc

•  Promotion staff

         –   Promotion of all aspects of the brand
         –   Through both internal and external promotion and social network
         –    Increase the conversion rate and drive traffic to Tmall or other platforms.

•  Artwork and Design staff

          –   Maintain the store layout
          –   Banner and image editing
          –   Create a great shopping experience for customers.

•  Customer service

       –  Excel in customer relations, dealing with requests
       –  Sales orders
       –  Customer complaints and resolution