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eCommerce IT - Technical Development

Technology that changes as fast as your customers’ buying habits!

Online customers are as fickle as any other. They like freshness and innovation. So we keep our ears to the ground, our applications inventive, and our coding sharp.

Technical development of enrich® and our software solutions is a non-stop process. We take ideas from inside and outside retailing, from our own research into customer behaviour, and from the insights of our retailing clients. In this respect, they are as inventive as us. If we can see that a piece of bespoke work has a wider appeal, we make it available to all our clients.

Continuous development maximises your return on investment. You haven't just bought into an application that's right for now, but into development process that will continue to be at the forefront of online retailing for many years to come.

Web development services

Out-manoeuvre the competition with our custom web development and website portal development services. Challenge us to make your web presence do something that your competitors can't.

Application development services

Don't let your business fall behind the technology. We can identify, design, and build applications that simplify or speed up the way you work.

IT consulting services

Not sure where your business IT should be? Our cross-industry IT consulting services will help you create your own technological vision and a framework for turning it into reality.