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eMarketing - Social Media

Our three core objectives and goals for our clients with all of our eMarketing services are straight-forward

Social media is frequently seen as only a retention opportunity, but it is the unique power of this 'channel' that Social activity can, with the right strategy, span all three of our goals.

Word of mouth and peer recommendation is far and away the most trusted form of influence among online consumers. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo, RenRen, Kaixin and YouTube build these recommendations, through 'likes' and 'shares', into the fundamentals of the user experience. Every happy or engaged customer who mentions your brand in these channels essentially becomes a piece of advertising, and a uniquely trusted one at that.

Facebook's precise targeting using consumers' demographic details and their interests and location also provide an unparalleled ability to create an impression through adverts, with recent studies showing that as a 'first click' component of the attribution model, ads in social can lead to 3x as high a conversion rate than direct response tactics alone.

Planning /Analysis
Define target audience profiles
Identify social media platforms and "Key Opinion Leaders"
Develop /Execution
Build mini-sites at major social media platforms
Engage "Key Opinion Leaders"
Overall sales and marketing channel integration